Responsible for assisting with all assessing aspects of the Nutrition Program and it’s varied responsibilities. Responsible for Re-assessing the needs of Senior Dining Clubs clients, and making appropriate referrals to both in-house and community services.


  • Assessing and re-assess client needs and determine if services are meeting the requirements. Provide service coordination for Senior Dining Clubs program participants.
  • Assist with fund raising and other departmental events.
  • Provide Congregate program information to clients and potential clients.
  • Responsible for Outreach for the Congregate.
  • Assist with delivery of MOW when needed.
  • Enter data into Crits & Aims.
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the Osceola Council on Aging.
  • Other duties as assigned, to include assisting in times of disaster as needed.

*Strong Computer Skills Preferred