“Count The Ducks” Game


Congrats to Olga D. of Kissimmee, Florida, who guessed the number correctly with 242 Ducks in the jar.

Five others also guessed 242 and will get 10 tickets each.

There were 62 ducks on the table. Only one person guessed both correctly!

The Clues

Each day from December 5th to December 15th, we will be adding some clues. Check each day around noon.

December 5th Clues:

1. There are three different sized ducks.

2. The number of ducks has a significance to the Jeep.

3. The height of the jar is 20 inches (21 if you include the very top).

December 6th Clues:

1. The jar was purchased at Michael’s.

2. It holds 228 oz of water

3. It weighs 7.1 pound with the ducks inside.

December 7th Clues:

1. The weight of the smaller duck is exactly half of the larger.

2.  The answer is somewhere on the website.

December 8th Clues:

1. The answer is even.

2.  The white ducks are unicorn and unicorns are hard to find.

December 9th Clues:

1. If you divide the jar into three sections, the top section has 24 ducks.

2.  Top Section: 1 Blue, 5 Pink, 4 Purple, 1 Green, 1 Red, 5 Little Yellow, 4 Big Yellow and 3 Unicorn.

December 10th Clues:

1. If you divide the jar into three sections, the middle section has 35 ducks.

2.  Middle Section: 3 Blue, 2 Pink, 4 Purple, 4 Green, 6 Red, 4 Little Yellow, 8 Big Yellow and 4 Unicorn.

December 11th Clues:

1. The first-round of ducks were purchased on Amazon in one package.

2.  After we filled the jar, we had to buy a 3 more packages locally.

December 12th Clues:

1. There are less than 500 ducks in the jar.

2.  There are more than 200 ducks on the jar.

December 13th Clues:

1. The answer is almost a simple math. (almost)

2.  You could use the winnings for a small offshore trip.

December 14th Clues:

1. The answer is symmetrical.

2.  The average guess from the first hundred has been WAY too low.

December 15th Clues:

1. The answer is closer than you think.

2.  If you think you got it right, don’t double guess your self.

Winner will be announced Monday on Facebook!






Friday, December 29, 2023

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