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Osceola County Residents Staying in Hotels After Hurricane Ian Damages Homes – 11/9/22 | Wesh 2

Osceola Council on Aging Closes Special Needs Shelter, Returns to Normal Service for the Osceola Community10/5/22 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Council on Aging Proposes New Affordable Apartments 9/21/22 | Orlando Business Journal

More Affordable Housing for Good Senior Neighbors – 8/11/22 | Spectrum News 13

Energy Bill Assistance Available to Seniors Through Sept. 308/11/22 | Osceola News-Gazette

Osceola Council on Aging Awarded $5.69 Million Affordable Housing HUD Grant For Seniors, Osceola and Kissimmee Add $4.3 Million More 8/7/22 | Positively Osceola

Buen Vecino! Council on Aging Earns HUD Grant to Build Affordable Senior Housing – 8/6/22 | Osceola News-Gazette

Osceola County Details Affordable Housing Project For Low-Income Seniors 8/5/22 | WFTV

High Temperatures and Rising Costs – Seniors in Osceola Eligible for $5,000 in Energy Bill Assistance 8/4/22 | Positively Osceola

Thanks to Council on Aging, Wednesday was Fishing Day!6/18/22 – Osceola News-Gazette

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West Announces 7th Annual Student Art Contest Winners6/17/22 | Positively Osceola

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West Benefit Student Art Contest Winners6/16/22 | Osceola News-Gazette

Low-Income Seniors Face Deadline for up to $5,000 in Energy Assistance5/19/22 | Orlando Sentinel

Air Force Veteran Receives Life-Changing St. Cloud Home Makeover5/18/22 | Wesh 2

Volunteers Help Veteran repair St. Cloud Home5/18/22 | News 6

Osceola Council on Aging’s Community Services Celebrated During May’s “Older Americans Month”5/4/2022 | Positively Osceola

Florida Department of Health in Osceola County Celebrates Mother’s Day Each and Every Day5/4/2022 | Positively Osceola

County Commissioners Arrington and Booth Turn KVLS 4-H Livestock Support Into Local Charity Donation5/2/2022 | Positively Osceola

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West Donates Cooler Bags to Meals on Wheels – 4/25/2022 | Osceola News-Gazette

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West, Council on Aging: Helping Hometown Heroes, Together4/25/2022 | Positively Osceola

‘Disaster Strikes Any Moment:’ Osceola Group Prepares Seniors for Hurricane Season Weeks Ahead 4/19/2022 | News 6

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West To Host 7th Annual Virtual Student Art Exhibit Benefiting Education, Feeding the Hungry4/18/2022 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Campus Hosts YouthBuild: A Second Opportunity For a Brighter Future4/5/2022 | Valencia Voice

Osceola Commissioners Honor ‘Woman Warriors’3/22/2022 | Osceola News-Gazette

Five Osceola County “Woman Warriors” Recognized by County Commissioners During Monday Ceremony3/21/2022 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Council on Aging Hosts Home Sharing Program for Community Residents3/17/2022 | Positively Osceola

Osceola’s Senior Companion Program Makes a Comeback 3/16/2022 | Spectrum News 13

Senior Companion Program receives $100k in Funding3/14/2022 | Osceola News-Gazette

March for Meals: Working to End Senior Hunger – 3/9/2022 | Osceola News-Gazette

Gas Prices a Concern for Meals on Wheels3/8/2022 | Spectrum News 13

Osceola Council on Aging, Making a Positive Difference During National Nutrition Month – 3/7/2022 | Positively Osceola

Help Support Meals on Wheels at March For Meals – 2/15/2022 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Food Pantry Opens in St. Cloud – 2/15/2022 | Positively Osceola

Meals on Wheels Operations Throughout Central Florida in Need of Volunteers – 1/22/2022 | WFTV

2022, A New Year, A New Hope, Wendy Ford, President/CEO, Osceola Council On Aging – 1/9/2022 | Positively Osceola

News Archive:

Osceola REDI Helps Feed 45,000 Osceola County Residents Amid COVID-19 Pandemic – 12/28/2021 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Council on Aging, Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando Car Raffle Ticket Specials Available – 12/26/2021 | Positively Osceola

United Way Awards Nearly $1.3 Million to Local Charities for Food, Shelter, Jobs – 12/14/2021 | Orlando Sentinel

KUA donates $50,000 to Good Neighbor Fund amid continued COVID-19 pandemic – 09/12/2021 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Council on Aging’s 2021 Car Raffle, Buy a Ticket – Feed Three Seniors! – 08/27/2021 | Positively Osceola

Senior centers in Central Florida resume pre-COVID activities – 06/04/2021 | Spectrum News 13

Rotary Club hosts student art exhibit to help feed the hungry in Osceola County – 05/01/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Osceola Council on Aging needs food for seniors’ pets – 04/15/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Rotary Club of Kissimmee West to Host 6th Annual Virtual Art Exhibit, Proceeds to Benefit the Hungry – 03/20/2021 | Positively Osceola

Council on Aging’s March for meals 5k Raises over $25,000 to Help End Senior Hunger in Osceola – 03/19/2021 | Positively Osceola

Soto Honors Wendy Coschignano Ford for Women’s History Month – 03/18/2021 | YouTube

Osceola Council on Aging Selected for Winn-Dixie Community Bag Program in St. Cloud – 03/01/2021 | Positivity Osceola

Osceola County Chairman Arrington donates 400 pounds of sausage to Council on Aging – 02/27/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Osceola Council on Aging Receives Meals on Wheels/PetSmart Charities Grant to Help Feed Seniors’ Pets – 02/20/2021 | Positively Osceola

Pictures: Orlando Sentinel Photographers Showcase for January 2021 – 02/18/2021 | Orlando Sentinel

Council on Aging receives grant for seniors and pets during pandemic – 02/15/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Osceola Council on Aging celebrates Valentine’s Day with food, gifts for seniors – 02/14/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Kissimmee 5K to shed light on hunger awareness – 02/04/2021 | Minuteman Press

Energy bill assistance now available to more seniors through March 31 – 02/04/2021 | The Apopka Voice

Osceola Meals on Wheels “KUA Presents March for Meals 5k” Coming to Kissimmee Lakefront March 13 – 01/23/2021 | Positively Osceola

Osceola Council on Aging to host March for Meals 5K – 01/23/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Osceola Seniors Group Celebrates “3 Kings” Amid Pandemic – 01/10/2021 | Spectrum News 13

Osceola Realtor Association donates to local organizations to support programs – 01/08/2021 | Osceola News Gazette

Drive-Thru Three Kings Day Celebration Held for Seniors in Kissimmee – 01/06/2021 | Spectrum News 13

Reyes Magos regalan alegría a personas mayores del Osceola Council on Aging – 01/06/2021 | Orlando Sentinel

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