(Full-Time or Part-Time)


Responsible for providing comprehensive care including aspects of both housekeeping and personal care, which are incidental to the care provided, or essential to the client’s health and welfare.


  • Assist with bed bath, sponge bath or shower. Showers must only be provided when proper shower bench/chair and hand held nozzle is present.
  • Assist with hair care to include shampoo, rinse and drying. Under no circumstance is the client’s hair to be cut.
  • Assist male clients with facial shaving.
  • Assist with oral care.
  • Assist with nail care, limited to cleaning & filing. Under no circumstance are the client’s nails to be cut.
  • Assist with skin care to include back-rub and application of non-prescription lotions and creams.
  • Assist with dressing.
  • Change bed linens with/without client in bed.
  • Assist with bladder and bowel requirements including assisting the client to and from the bathroom or with bedpan routines.
  • The worker shall not administer any medication, but may bring medicine to the client and remind the client to take their medicine at a specified time.
  • Assist with food, nutrition, and diet activities, including preparing meals when required and other incidental services (i.e. housekeeping chores) essential to the health and welfare of the client.
  • Perform household services (changing bed linen or arranging furniture), when such services are essential to the client’s health and comfort.
  • Provide local transportation to client (private pay only).
  • Accommodate with local transportation for client (private pay only).
  • Treat clients, staff and others with dignity and respect.
  • Protects Osceola Council on Aging’s value by keeping client’s information confidential.
  • Call in and out for all State Medicaid Managed Long Term Care Program (SMMLTCP) clients using the Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) process.
  • Make every attempt possible to arrive on time for all projected client visits. Immediately communicate all delays to the scheduling coordinator.
  • Complete daily service logs indicating client name, activities performed and time of visit.
  • Submit all weekly paperwork by required deadlines.
  • Immediately report any changes in client’s physical, mental or environmental conditions to scheduling coordinator.
  • Follow all policies and procedures of the Osceola Council on Aging.
  • Assume responsibility for professional growth and development.
  • Other duties as assigned that are applicable to the job description including assisting in times of disaster as needed.


  • Education/Training: High School Diploma or GED. Must be proficient in common English. Sufficient skills to be able to read and write effectively. Demonstrates ability to read and understands written and verbal instructions.
  • Licensure/Certification: Must have current certification in the state of Florida as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Home Health Aide must have documentation of completion of at least forty hours of training, pursuant to Section 400.497(1), F.S.
  • Background: Must Pass Level 2 background/security screen.
  • Experience: One to two years’ experience working with seniors is preferred. Alzheimer experience and/or training preferred.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Must have excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills and the ability to work with various diverse backgrounds of individuals.
  • Essential Mental Abilities: Knowledge and competent to perform all essential functions
  • Essential Sensory Requirements: Ability to visually and audibly perform all essential functions.
  • Essential Physical requirements: Sufficient mobility and strength to move about the client’s home and the community, have corrected vision and hearing to the normal range. This position may require frequent bending, reaching, pushing, pulling and lifting subject to specific physical requirements and working conditions as listed in job duties.
  • Training: Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants must complete in service training each calendar year, pursuant to Section 400.497(1), F.S.HIV educational requirements.
  • Obtain and maintain a certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • Home Health Aides who are trained in another state must provide documentation of course completion.
  • Osceola Council on Aging will provide a mandatory Emergency Procedure training for dealing with crisis events during the course of care.
  • Exposure to Hazards: Various Cleaning Supplies.
  • Other: Position requires possession of a telephone, reliable vehicle with valid Florida Drivers License. Car insurance must be kept current at all times.
$11.00 – $12.00 per hour
To apply for this position, please send resumes to: