Building Strong Families Housing Stability Program

The Building Strong Families Housing Stability Program (HSP) focuses on housing stability with an emphasis on reducing the impact of unemployment or unexpected emergencies. The Housing Stability Program provides rental assistance in the form of a cash benefit. An HSP benefit payment is made to the landlord or housing vendor on behalf of eligible households that meet program criteria. The arrangement, coordination, monitoring, and delivery of services related to housing stability focuses on needs that can be addressed within a set time frame and with available resources.

How to Apply:


Apply on-line Using a Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. BEFORE YOU APPLY, make sure the following items are saved to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are using a smartphone or tablet you can take pictures of these items as you go. Without these items, you will not be able to complete the application

  • Copy of your Lease (Must be a lease of where you reside)
  • Social Security Cards for everyone in the Household
  • ID for all adults 18 years of age & over (ex: Driver’s License, State ID, Passport)
  • Birth Certificates for anyone under 18 years of age
  • Utility bill (Your name must be on the bill )
  • Food Stamp approval letter (if receiving)
  • Proof of Household Income for all household members
    • Last 4 weeks of pay stubs and/or
    • Unemployment letter and/or
    • Child support Documents and/or
    • Government assistance award letter (SSI or SSDI)
  • !!! IMPORTANT !!! Any adult (18 & over) without proof of income must complete a self-declaration form
    • Click the button below to open the self-declaration form and fill it out (FOR EVERY ADULT with NO INCOME.) You will need to save it to your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
English Version
Self-Declaration Form – English
Spanish Version
Self-Declaration Form – Spanish


Click the button below to start the application process.

Building Strong Families Housing Stability Program Application


In order for a household to receive financial assistance, case management, or any other services through the Housing Stability Program, the applicant must:

  • Be a resident of Osceola County for a minimum of 1 year.
  • Must meet financial guidelines set by the designated funding source.
    • CSBG 125% Federal Poverty Guidelines (FPG) (See Chart)
  • Have a child(ren) under the age of 18
  • Be in unstable housing and/or at risk of homelessness due to loss of income.
  • Have no appropriate subsequent housing options.
  • Lack of financial resources/support networks needed to resolve the crisis.
  • Show proof of future management for upcoming household expenses.
  • Applicants who have received rental assistance from other Social Service Agencies may not be eligible.
  • Applicants who receive subsidized housing or Section 8 may not be eligible.
building strong family eligibility chart