Adult Day Health Care

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Adult Day Health Center was made possible by a generous grant from The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation.

Our Mission

The Osceola Council on Aging is proud to offer an Adult Day Health Care for elderly members of our community. In a loving and secure setting, comprehensive care is provided for each participant, while understanding their unique needs. Seniors can thrive in the social environment that our Day Care offers, while enjoying group activities and shared, nutritious meals with other participants. We open up our doors to seniors with special needs that need a secure, protective environment around them due to illness, or dementia.


Programming in our Adult Day Health Care aims to help improve or maintain function, through social activities with others. This time spent with others can greatly improve a senior’s quality of life, allow them to stay active, and also afford a break for weary caregivers. Seniors in our daycare are under the eyes of medical staff, trained in dementia specific caregiving. Licensed Professional Staff can administer medication, insulin and breathing treatments and our direct staff assists with all aspects of activities of daily living.

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While at the Center, seniors dine on nutritious, yet delicious offerings. The menu is developed under the guidance of a dietician in collaboration with our chef to create fun meals, while still hitting macro and micro nutrient standards. Meals are prepared sans salt and heavy seasoning to accommodate nutrition guidelines for each participant.

Schedule of Events

What is a typical day like for one of our Day Care participants?

By 8:00am, coffee time has started and participants are arriving for their fun day ahead. Group activities follow until time for lunch, with a siesta after. Crafts and bingo are staples, along with an afternoon snack to fill out the second half of the day. At 4:30pm, as the day commences, participants have enjoyed a day full of social activity under a watchful eye and are ready to head back to their respective homes.

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Our Adult Day Health Care is open year-round on weekdays from 7:00am to 4:30pm, excluding holidays. Currently, about 50 seniors participate in our Day Care on a daily basis. However, expansion is on the horizon in the near future to accommodate up to 78 clients per day. For more information or to have your loved one added to the waiting list, please call 407-483-1494.

More Information

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

AHCA License #9073

Please call 407-483-1494 for further information and to get your loved one pre-registered or on a waiting list as soon as possible.